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Thank you for visiting Sinagua Labradors.  As a breeder of English Labrador Retrievers in Queen Creek, Arizona, our number one priority is to produce Lab puppies that meet or exceed the AKC standard in temperament and conformation. 

Although we are fairly new to the world of breeding and showing Labradors, we have loved and kept Labs as pets for over 25 years.  We started out with a solid foundation, our beautiful female, RedRock Annie Get Your Gun (Oakley).  We bred her to BISS GCH CH Mac Labs Broadway Joe's Encore CGC, BN, CD three times and produced beautiful dark chocolate puppies each time.  We kept a lovely Oakley/Encore female, "Lina", who has proven herself in the show ring and now as a mother.   Lina is well on her way to earning her AKC Championship and now has produced two litters with Desert Hills Demigod of the Wind & Sea (Maui) .  We also kept Oakley's singleton puppy "Truly" that came from her final breeding to AmCH/CAN GCH Danrich's Skyfire Abroad "Franklyn".  Our goal as a breeder is to produce puppies with  great conformation, good health and wonderful temperament, so they can go on to be pets, emotional support animals, service dogs, show dogs, hunting companions or whatever their new family would like them to be!



Jan 2023: We have posted pictures of each pup on the Puppies page.  We will try and get headshots by this weekend and have them posted shortly after.

Dec 2022: Truly's puppies are here!  On Monday, December 5th, we were blessed with eight puppies (six males and two females).  Unfortunately, one of the females passed away yesterday.  The rest of these chocolate chunks are strong and learning to eat and stay warm.  We are excited to see them grow and to share their journey with you on our website and social media.  Truly is doing well, we just need her to do a better job at cleaning up after the puppies, but as far as loving and feeding them, she is doing great.


Dec 2022: There's always one in every family!!  LOL


Dec 2022: Dream continues to grow.  She's entering the "naughty" stage.  Needing to learn that we don't jump on people, bite their clothes, chew up the Ring camera, chew on the rugs and dog beds, etc.  All  part of teaching a puppy what is accepted and not.  We LOVE her!


Nov 2022: This is Aspyn from Lina and Maui Second Litter.  She is excited for the holidays and enjoys the cooler weather.  She is so pretty and we appreciate her owner sharing pictures with us.


Nov 2022: The first picture is of Violet after a 1st place win at the shows in Tucson this past weekend.  The second picture is Violet looking for a treat she didn't catch, resulting in her wanting to find it and pulling Gayle over in the process.  Labradors are very serious about their treats!


Nov 2022: This is Winnie.  Winnie hasn't been mentioned on our site before but she plays a huge roll in our program.  Winnie has an amazing temperament and is good with all puppies, our own dogs and any boarding dogs.  This weekend in Tucson, Winnie raced at AKC FastCAT again.  She LOVES it.  She already has her certificate from a few years back, but loves to participate when the show is offering it.  For more information on AKC FastCat, click on this link.

The video is of Violet running her first race.  She's hooked!!


Nov 2022: This will be Truly's first litter and growing puppies takes a lot of work.  We love this picture where her and Lina are sharing some bonding time together.  It's almost like Lina is helping her know everything will be okay.

unnamed (2).jpg

Nov 2022: A win for Lina this past weekend at the Tucson shows.  Lina is an incredible dog.   We sure love her.  She is one of the only ones we "let" on the couch.  She has earned it.

unnamed (1).jpg

Nov 2022: This is Duke from Lina x Maui Second Litter.  We love receiving updates and pictures from members of the Sinagua Forever Family. 


Nov 2022: We love how Dream is growing, she is a beautiful pup.


Nov 2022: TRULY IS PREGNANT!!  If you have already submitted a puppy application, I will be contacting you in the next couple of days to discuss our reservation process.  If you are interested and have not filled out a puppy application, please click here.   We are so excited to see these "Truly" and "Scott" puppies, they will be exceptional.  Litter is due early December 2022


Oct 2022: MEET "DREAM"!  We have decided on a name for our black female from Tukee Labradors... Tukee's Dream On At Sinagua, aka "Dream".  Gayle has always been more of dreamer than I have.  While driving home from the last dog shows in New Mexico, she was listening to "Dream On" by @ben_rector.  It fit right in with the crazy journey of showing her Labradors.  We are so excited to have Dream as part of our Sinagua Family. (Dream is by MBISS GCH Bronze Lakeside Memoir of Gallivant "Memo" and out of Iron Hill Ms T's Lady Hawk At CharDons "Isabeau")

Black Female Sinagua Labradors_edited.jpg

Oct 2022: We are excited for you to meet the newest member of the Sinagua Family, a black female from Tukee Labradors.  We haven't decided on an official name yet but will post it here once we do.   We hope to start her in the show ring in 4-5 months.

Oct 2022: Yesterday, Violet competed for her first AKC Farm Dog certification and aced it!  To earn AKC Farm Dog, the dog has to do a obstacle course consisting of activities they would have to do on a farm, such as: walk over a tarp, plywood, a ladder, jump up on a bale of hay and a small table, stay in a crate for a minute while the person walks out of sight, say "hi" to a goat, etc.  We are so proud of her.


Oct 2022: We are happy to announce a successful breeding of Truly to "Scott", a beautiful boy from Poland currently standing at Quail Chase Labradors.  Fingers crossed for a healthy litter due early December 2022.

Aug 2022: Happy National Dog Day!!!  We received this picture of Otis from a member of our forever family (Oakley/Encore litter 3).  



We currently do not have any available puppies, however if you are interested in putting your name on our waiting list or to reserve a future pup, please fill out a PUPPY APPLICATION

To see pictures of past litters, visit our PAST LITTERS page.

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