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Thank you for visiting Sinagua Labradors.  As an English Labrador Retriever breeder in Queen Creek, Arizona, our number one priority is to produce Lab puppies that meet or exceed the AKC standard in temperament and conformation.

Although we only started breeding and showing Labrador Retriever in 2017, we have loved and kept Labs as pets for over 25 years.  We started out with a solid foundation, our beautiful female, RedRock Annie Get Your Gun (Oakley).  We bred her to BISS GCH CH Mac Labs Broadway Joe's Encore CGC, BN, CD three times and produced beautiful dark chocolate puppies each time.  We kept a lovely Oakley/Encore female, "Lina", who proved herself in the show ring and as a mother.   Lina was recently bred to BOSS GCH CH Quail Chase Bearcreek Jolly Joe (Jolly) and produced six beautiful chocolate puppies (whelped July 20th).  Four have found their forever homes and we have kept the remaining two, a female (Sedona) and a male (Winslow).  Both are amazing puppies and we are excited to see what they accomplish in the months to come.  "Truly" was bred to GCH CH Raysun Quail Chase Titan and on Sept 17th whelped seven amazing puppies, six black (three males and three females) and one chocolate (female).  We are busy keeping up with two puppies and seven newborns, but love seeing these little nuggets grow and thrive. 

Our goal as a breeder is to produce puppies with  great conformation, good health and wonderful temperament, so they can go on to be pets, emotional support animals, service dogs, show dogs, hunting companions or whatever their new family would like them to be! 



Mar 2024: Winslow and Sedona showed in February and March and brought home some wins.  Winslow earned his first points toward his championship and Sedona earned her AKC Puppy of Achievement certificate.  I'll post the official pictures once received, but here's some show pics of their wins (Winslow on the left, Sedona on the right).


Feb 2024: Here's Eliza from Lina and Jolly third litter.  She is loving her time in the mountains!  


Jan 2024: We are planning another litter in the spring.  We'll update the Latest News on our website as things start to materialize.   If you want to reserve a puppy from this litter, please fill out a Puppy Application here.

Jan 2024: After Lina's last litter, we decided that was her last.  She has given us three amazing litters but it was time for her to retire.  We have rehomed her to a family in California and love seeing her enjoy a life with her new family.  We miss her dearly but are thankful for the wonderful people who have made her part of their lives. 

Dec 2023: Sedona and Winslow pages have been added to our website.  

Dec 2023: I've been training the puppies, Winslow and Sedona and I'm excited about their progress.  I'm thinking to start a new page on the website for training.  I'd go through how to work with your new puppy and ways to teach them puppy basics when you first take your puppy home.  These labs are so intelligent, love food, and love to please their owners, a perfect combination.  The first video is Sedona in "stay" until called, the second is Winslow "coming when called with a distraction".

Nov 2023: The yellow lab is Trek, our daughter's dog.  He is trying to be patient as orange collar puppy from the Truly and Titan litter wants to play.  Trek is an old man, but he is still so gentle with the puppies.


Nov 2023: We rehomed Winnie earlier this year to our son in Utah.  Winnie had never experienced snow before.  I believe she loves the snow and is grateful to not having to endure the dreadful heat of Arizona. 

Oct 2023: As you probably guessed, the Lina/Jolly litter was named after cities in Arizona.  The current litter we decided to name them after ice cream flavors or toppings.  Our family loves ice cream so why not, right?  Below are the names for the Truly/Titan litter.


  • Orange collar - "Chip"

  • Blue collar - "Rocky"

  • Green collar - "Fudge"


  • Purple collar - "Praline"

  • Yellow collar - "Waffle"

  • Grey collar - "Oreo"

  • Chocolate (no collar) - "Caramel"

Here's a few more pictures from yesterday.

2023-10-14 11-35-18 - 0334_resize.JPG
2023-10-14 11-27-16 - 0204_resize_edited_edited.jpg

Oct 2023: Took pictures of the puppies and have updated the PUPPIES page.   We also decided to take some pictures of Sedona and Winslow.  Here are a few of the puppies and the babies.   Enjoy, they are definitely keeping us busy.  Stayed tuned for later this week, I plan to film the puppies and their process with training.  They are doing great!

2023-10-14 11-28-44 - 0253_resize_edited.jpg
2023-10-14 11-05-11 - 0078_resize.JPG

Oct 2023: Quick pics of Winslow and Sedona.  Having these two around means there is never a dull moment.  We are training a few times a day and they are learning basic training at a quick pace.  


Oct 2023: Here's Violet again.  She LOVES water.  We can't keep her away from it.  If the hose is on, she is in it.  If there is a pool nearby, she is in it.  If there is anything having to do with water, even her bath, she is in it.  


Oct 2023: Truly and Titan puppies are doing great.  They are gaining weight daily and two of the pups opened their eyes today.  The rest will follow in the next day or two.  Below is a quick pic to show how they are growing!


Oct 2023: Received the picture of Dream winning Best of Opposite at the Red Canyons Kennel Club show last month.


Sep 2023: We have published a ton of updates to the site today.  Below are a couple pictures from Truly and Titan litter which was whelped on Sept 17.  These guys are growing strong.  We were surprised to only see one chocolate, but were grateful that all seven puppies made it with no complications. 


Below are the male and female we kept from the Lina and Jolly litter.  They are such amazing pups, we are having a great time training them.  The male is Winslow and the female is Sedona.  They had a lot of energy this morning so I took them out and decided to take some pictures.


May 2023: It's been long time since I updated, here's the latest happenings.  We are happy to announce the successful breeding of Lina to Jolly.  If all goes as planned, we should have puppies around 20-Jul.  Fingers crossed.  If you'd like to reserve a puppy, please submit a puppy application at this link.  Truly and Scott litter page has been added, you can see those puppies and their forever families at this link.  Finally, we appreciate everyone who has reached out in some way to ask about our girls or shown interest in our puppies.  These Labs mean the world to us and we are so blessed to be able to build our Sinagua Labrador family with all of you.

Jan 2023: Violet LOVES water!  And when I say, LOVES, I mean LOVES.  I bought this "dog fountain" the other day and Violet was quick to figure out how it worked.  

Jan 2023: We have posted pictures of each pup on the Puppies page.  We will try and get headshots by this weekend and have them posted shortly after.


We currently do not have any available puppies, however if you are interested in putting your name on our waiting list or to reserve a future pup, please fill out a PUPPY APPLICATION

To see pictures of past litters, visit our PAST LITTERS page.

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